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Thursday January 19 The umbrian “Black” Pork – Trattoria Pallotta Assisi

Thursday January 19 The umbrian “Black” Pork

15 Gennaio 2017

In Umbria the pork meat has been for centuries a primary element of the local cuisine, representing a continuity of tradition that has no equal: even today in many homes is celebrated the day when you kill and you work the pig.

For this occasion we chose the Nerino Umbro

According to the ancient medieval custom, after having broken the pork they eat it all together, and are prepared chicory (roasted or in sauce for pasta) and fresh steaks.

Thursday, January 19 the Trattoria Pallotta is pleased to invite you to dinner tasting of Nerino: black pig of Valnerina.

The evening includes a promotional menu with different tastings of Umbrian products Laurenzi Farm, which breeds in Nera Valley (between Spoleto and Perugia) blacks pigs in the wild.

The Nerino pork meat presents a high quality, suitable for the production of sausages and hams of merit; its natural living conditions, breeding in the wild in a pristine area, the feeding on acorns, tubers and local herbs, make the healthiest meats, compact and exceptionally tasty.

The daily Menù €. 25


The "Coppa"

The cup is a typical product linked to the country tradition, prepared using the head, ears, muzzle and pork rinds.

Lomb Carpaccio

According to tradition, their preparation began around Christmas, when the cold temperature made it possible to begin the slaughter of the pig, then prolonging the curing in the cold months of winter and early spring.

First Course

Homemade Egg noodles with spare ribs

Main Course

Pork "Arista" with citrus

One of the traditional preparations of pork is pork, which can be considered a Perugia specialties, now spread throughout the country, but that has its origins in our countryside.

A choice of Dessert

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