Our History

90 years of excellence

Folk tales of the second half of 1800, at a time when our region has experienced the phenomenon of banditry, we read of the inn “Pallotta” and the robber Cinicchia.

The hotel tradition of the family Rossi starts from very far away. Gina and Argentino, Our grandparents had not initially thought still to get involved but Gina already worked for many years while serving in the best hotels of the city. It was a time when the economic boom begins to be felt and tourist activity develops more and more.

Born in 1949 the son Valter from an early age, place (for some change to tip) the job of doorman / porter going to take groups up to the new port.


The old Trattoria Pallotta


The staff

Precious taste

an unforgettable experience

…where Margherita…

… is preparing her best dishes: Strangozzi with mushroom sauce, homemade noodles, potato gnocchi, rabbit cacciatore, torta al testo, pigeon greedy and many other meals

Magic atmosphere

It’s all special, it’s all magic

Our kitchen is …
Home kooking, more quality ingredients less complexity of preparation;

Informed and aware, o know what we eat, to know what we cook, to appreciate a dish or an ingredient;

Healthy and natural to take care of our health, for a diet that is good for the body and mind;

Sustainable from the environmental point of view and from the social point of view, because the act of spending becomes a responsible act;

Inspired and inspiring to celebrate the marriage between art and unshakable kitchen, including stove and creativity;

Good because we like to eat well.

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