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The True Italian Restaurant – Trattoria Pallotta Assisi

The True Italian Restaurant

Many Umbrian dishes are prepared by boiling or roasting with local olive oil and herbs. Vegetable dishes are popular in the spring and summer, while fall and winter sees meat from hunting and black truffles from Norcia. Meat dishes include the traditional wild boar sausages, pheasants, geese, pigeons, snails. Orvieto and Sagrantino di Montefalco are important regional wines.

It’s difficult to find a city on earth without at least 1 Italian restaurant. Ingredients choice, respect for tradition and our innate desire to try always something new, the care in the table service, the idea that sitting down to eat means feeling good: all this made the Italian art of cooking famous in the world.

In the Piazza Del Comune, right in front of the Temple of Minerva, you pass an arch known as “Volta Pinta” with the marvellous grotesques painted by Raffaellino Del Colle in the sixteenth century Trattoria Pallotta is discretely set apart, at the end.

Margherita looks after the preparation of the meals, using prime local produce and will always offer you new seasonal dishes, staying faithful to the tradition.

Our kitchen is …

  • Home kooking, more quality ingredients less complexity of preparation;
  • Informed and aware, o know what we eat, to know what we cook, to appreciate a dish or an ingredient;
  • Healthy and natural to take care of our health, for a diet that is good for the body and mind;
  • Sustainable  from the environmental point of view and from the social point of view, because the act of spending becomes a responsible act;
  • Inspired and inspiring to celebrate the marriage between art and unshakable kitchen, including stove and creativity;
  • Good because we like to eat well.


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