themed dinner

food as a cultural identity

La Trattoria Pallotta for each month of the year offers a themed dinner, every Thursday, with excellent products, identification of a territory and always seasonal. During the evenings Our excellent employees Giordano and Romina will guide you to discover the products and of our traditional dishes.

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January 2017  “The Dinner of the boning of the Pig, the holidays … and of survival!”

February, 2017  “The Dinner of the Shepherd and Casaro: life in the old farms of our Mount Subasio”

March, 2017 “La Cena dei Pescatori … the great wisdom of the men of the sea!”

April, 2017 “The Dinner of the Seekers, the men from Mount Subasio and their crops”

May, 2017  “The Dinner of the Men of the Earth and of the revival of the countryside …”

November, 2017 “The Dinner of the vine grower … among the perfumes and the must!”

December, 2017 “The extra virgin olive oil from Umbria Dinner, the pillar of the home and family”

food and culture

The food as an element of cultural identity

The regional cuisines embody the Food wisdom of populations and their cultures. The history of man’s relationship with food has been an extraordinary social epic and a great act of love. As the beginning of life being fed is equivalent to being loved, even after, until the last day of life to be fed or feeding is a fundamental biological need which is equivalent to love and be loved, nurtured with love, to be desired and accepted for who you are.

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