A night at the Opera

Dinner and a ticket for the Opera

Musical experience

All the details for your special dinner

The theater is the most fun way to tell a story because it combines effective elements such as speech, gestures, music and dance. He may face serious issues of life without boring us to reflect.


90 per person

  • Special dinner at Pallotta’s
  • Opera ticket

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The Little Theatre of Unstable is 10 years old: ten years of theatrical life and “resistance” in these difficult times, looking for a balance and to the perpetuation of a wish. It had to be a bit ‘crazy and unstable precisely to open in 2002 a theater in the heart of the city of Assisi: born almost like a game from the dreamer quenching Carlo Angeletti and his family, the long abandoned space deserved to return to live and It is enhanced. Leafing through the boards of the past Seasons, major players in the national scene and emerging artists have stayed here; generations of actors, musicians and theatrical genres were greeted with curiosity and admiration. Our challenge is therefore to ensure greater quality of the artistic proposals with the spontaneity and urgency that the passion for the theater pushes us to search and share. The best wishes for this important anniversary is to keep writing with the audience, the story of this small but precious place, because the theater is the most beautiful game, where to build, dismantle and see in action our thoughts and emotions … and then go back and do it all again! An endless game and each time more exciting.

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